Lakeside Cylindrical Bar Screens

                   Lakeside screens are fabricated in stainless steel and are made in the United States with American parts and American labor. 

 Lakeside screens are factory assembled and factory run in the shop to assure proper operation.

All Lakeside products comply with the Pennsylvania Steel Procurement Act.
A complete record of mill certificates is maintained as mandated by the PA Steel Act.

The Lakeside Raptor® line includes the following models:

Septage Acceptance Plant. This model is a self-contained, fully automatic unit that screens septage to remove inorganic solids. The Septage Acceptance Plant uses a Raptor Fine Screen as its screening mechanism.
For more information, request Bulletin #2322.

Complete Plant  This unit combines all the features of the Septage Acceptance Plant plus grit removal.  Grease removal can be added as an option.

For more information, request Bulletin #2315.

 Micro Strainer.  Available in 4 sizes, the Micro Strainer is used for screening  wastewater at small plants.

For more information, request Bulletin #2320.

RDS Screen.  The Rotating Drum Screen removes finer solids from municipal and industrial waste flows. Bar spacing from 0.01"

For more information, request Bulletin #2316.

Lakeside markets their family of screening products under the trade name Raptor® Screens

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