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On the 35th reunion:
July 20, 2005
After flying from Seattle Thursday night and Friday morning to get to

the Reunion, Pat Allen, Dick Lehman and I closed down Cazenovia's main
street Saturday morning at 1:00 AM. Following Saturday's dinner Doug
McCord, Paul Enders and I finally decided to call it an evening at 3:00
AM Sunday morning. After 35 years there was simply not enough time to
share fond memories and stories with each and every classmate. I awoke
late Sunday morning to suddenly find myself alone. So I took advantage
of the few hours before my return trip to explore some childhood haunts
around Caz. On the drive to the airport I also stopped to visit the
Syracuse University campus, but that brief tour was not nearly as
rewarding as my time in and around Caz. I got back into the rental car
just as a terrific thunderstorm broke loose.

Because of the weather my flight was delayed leaving Syracuse and
subsequently I got stuck in the Chicago airport at 2:00 AM Monday. I
decided to stick it out at the airport and to my surprise found a padded
bench where I could stretch-out. I promptly fell asleep, but woke up
shortly thereafter chilled by the indoor air conditioning. So I
ventured outside to warm-up and snooping around discovered a delightful
retreat out of sight beneath some trees, believe it or not, near the
terminal. I stretched out on a lush lawn and instantly fell into a deep
sleep. At precisely 5:50 AM my personal wake-up call arrived when the
sprinkler system came on. I got on the next plane to Seattle and
arrived at work 2:00 PM wearing the same clothes I had put on the day
before in Cazenovia.

I know I will always have happy memories of my 35th Reunion. Having
helped Doug a little during the weekend I doubt if any of us have a full
understanding of the effort he devoted in making the Reunion a huge
success. Thank you, Doug, and everyone who came and made my weekend.

To my classmates: If you ever come to the Great Northwest please let me
know so we can get together even if you are just passing through. I
look forward to seeing you at the next Class Reunion and hopefully
before then.

Stan Thompson

Paul D. Thompson
Chemical Engineer 425-237-1175, desk
Material & Process Technology 253-202-2834, cell 6-20C3 MC 73-40

July 18, 2005
What a GREAT night!!!!!!!!!!!!

What fun to not only see everyone but to be able to catch up with everyone's life. It was so amazing to realize how much we all changed but how friendships and memories stay so strong and in fact we didn't change as much as one thought.
I was a transplant as were you. I moved to Cazenovia my Sophomore year and was devastated as you said were you. In fact Sally Webster reminded me about my first day of school and what happened.

I rode the bus for almost two hours home because it had to stop to let the Koneckie cows cross the road to be milked.
When I walked in the door to my house I was not a happy person. Oh no not at all.
I had to eat lunch in the cafeteria all by myself I guess just because and that was such a lonely feeling.
The next day I had gym. When the teacher took attendance in gym class we were asked our last names and I of course said Charron and got in trouble for being wise. I was asked again my last name and said again it was Charron. At that point I just wanted to be sent to the office to get in what ever trouble the teacher thought I was being smart with over with.
This conversation of course was taking place in front of the whole gym class so everyone was getting a good glance at me. When I was finally able to spell it for her and explain that Charron was really my last name she moved on as if nothing happened. At that point I knew that everyone was staring at me, I wanted to hide. The teacher asked me a few more questions I think at that point to make me feel less self-conscious.
It wasn't until she asked me what sport that I liked that everyone looked at me in a different way. I said waterskiing. Would you believe that I had actually visited a friend whose parents had a place on Tuscarora lake when I was little? That was the magic word and after that day I didn't care if the bus was held up or the cows had to cross the road. I was accepted.

And yes we all spent a lot of time on Erieville lake.
In fact Tom and I bought the camp next to Debbie Gregg's parents camp and spent many great times there until we sold it.

What fun to see everyone and chat about old times.I can't believe how fast the evening went!
It was as if we had just walked into the room and then it was time to go.
I went to bed that night with a smile on my face thinking isn't life grand.
Many Many thanks for the opportunity to catch up on people places and things that helped to shape each and everyone of us.
All my best
Cindy  ( CHARRON) yes my last name Vogt (:

July 14, 2005

I am sorry that I am just now getting back to you on the reunion. I am afraid that between constant travel (including three out of the country trips) in the past six weeks, my youngest son's Little League pursuit of  Williamsport (they just got knocked out - a Houston team has been in the finals 3 of the past 4 years - baseball is huge down here) , and the sale of one beach house and the purchase of another, I have been on the dead run for the past two months. I was in Rochester just three weeks ago but I cannot work out a trip to Caz for this upcoming weekend.

I want to express my appreciation for the work you have done on this reunion and over the years keeping the high school class together. I have talked to my kids (boys 14 & 12) about Upstate New York and would like to get them up there before the won't want to travel with their old man any more. They are Syracuse fans because I am (law school and business school) and I would love to show them Caz, Cornell (my undergrad school), and the baseball and boxing halls of fame. (The boxing hall of fame is in Canastota. My great, great uncle was "Gentleman Jim" Corbett, former heavyweight champion of the world and often referred to as the "father of modern boxing" - little known, and useless fact.) I will make the pilgrimage one of these days but I am afraid not this weekend.

My wife ( is her e-mail address) reads the e-mails at home. (I get plenty at work during the day and don't have the interest once I get home.) She passed over the laptop last night and I read the e-mails from Ken Monji, David Farnsworth, and Steve Tennent. I appreciated getting them. We were quite lucky have Ken as a foreign exchange student. He was brilliant as I recall, a great acrobat, and a great guy to boot. I am not surprised at his success. I plan on sending him an e-mail to say hello. My neighbors had a girl from Holland at their two years ago and what a nightmare she was! - 180 degrees from Ken - they couldn't wait to get rid of her.

Both of us were short timers in Caz but in my mind it changed my life distinctly for the better. I moved there before my sophomore year from Ohio. At the time I thought that I would die leaving the place I had lived virtually my whole life. Now that I look back, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. The people were great and the town beautiful. I can't remember a whole lot about the education but then again I can't remember my own name half the time these days. I was beginning to succumb to the social pressures in that suburban Ohio town and the change to the small town atmosphere without alot of social BS turned out to be a very welcome change. I left Caz Central w/ more confidence as I trotted off to college.

I am afraid that over the years that I have lost touch w/ almost all of my high school friends. I exchange X-mas cards w/ Dick Ryan but see and talk with Steve (aka Morgan) Johnson often. Morgan and I have skiied together annually for most of the past 30 years. One trip to Utah lead him to hook up w/ my sister, Andrea (CCHS Class of '74) and in the fall they are supposed to be getting married. This will be his first marriage and my sister's second. Morgan worked for UPS for 30 years and in March was able to take advantage of their favorable Teamsters contract and retire with a pension that is virtually the same as his rate of pay with full retiree medical benefits. He is having a ball. They live in Rochester.

Have a great time at the reunion. I wish I could attend. Please give my regards to all in attendance.
Rick Greenawalt

July 12, 2005
I wrote more detailed news about myself. Please say hello to everyone at the occasion of the class reunion.

Dear friends,

I haven’t seen you all for a long time. It is really nice to be able to communicate with you now by e-mail. I wish I could join you at the 35th reunion of the class of 70.
I clearly remember almost everything that took place in my senior year in Cazenovia. The year 69-70 was the best year of my life so far and may well remain so in the future. I was so happy to be with you in Caz.

Now let me tell you what I am doing. After graduating from the Tokyo University in 1975, I joined the Foreign Service. I spent two years in universities in France learning the language and, more importantly, the French wine. During the past 30 years I had been mainly in charge of the national security and the treaty and international law. I served overseas in Canberra, Australia, in London and twice in Brussels in Belgium. I am now seconded to the Defense Agency as Director-General for International Affairs. The pending issue between Japan and the U.S. is the realignment of the U.S. Forces in Japan under the global transformation process of the U.S. Forces. I have been to Washington D.C. accompanying the Japanese Defense Minister twice since Nov. last year and met Secretary Rumsfeld three times and Secretary Rice twice. I made oversea trip seven times in the first half of this year.
I last visited Caz. in the summer of 91. I took my family from Brussels and stayed for a week with the Barrows who were at that time at Skaneateles. Some of you may remember the article in the Cazenovia Republican. Mom and Dad (I mean, the Barrows) visited us in London and twice in Brussels.

I married to Etsuko in 78 and have 2 children. My daughter Mikiko is 21 and graduates on 15 July from the London School of Economics. She is going to work in London. My son Kengo is 19 and studying at the Tokyo University.

I have to talk about sake and other drinks. I am promoting Japanese sake as the Advisor to the Japanese Sake Export Association. I also tasted more than 450 different kinds of Belgian beer during my stays in Brussels and am known in Japan as a Belgian beer specialist. I emptied 61 bottles of different kinds of single malt whisky in London. I was once in charge of the wine cellar of the guest house of the Minister for Foreign Affairs which stored about 20,000 bottles of wine. When asked about the number of languages I speak, I always answer; “I can speak only 3, but I can drink 191 countries’ alcohol.” And whenever I get drunk, I stand and walk on my hands. Well, my drinking life started in 69 on Friday night at Maple road with some of you.

I think I will stay in Japan at least for another year. If any of you have an occasion to come to Japan, please let me know. I will certainly try to get to Caz. if I have a chance to visit the U.S., although I have very little free time in my business trip.

Best regards,

Ken Monji

P.S. Please find attached some pictures. First is my family in January this year; Second is myself at the occasion of the international conference in Vientian, Laos, in May; Third is myself with the Swiss President(and the Defense Minister at the same time) when he visited Japan in April; Fourth is a bit old picture of myself enjoying beer in Belgium.

.Ken Monji 2Ken Monji

Ken MonjiKen Monji
July 6, 2005
Doug-----You can't imagine my surprise and pleasure at hearing from you! I really enjoyed reading down through all the names from your class. And to see how many are still in the Caz area and others who are all over the country. And very sorry to see that several are deceased.

I regret that Mary and I won't be able to be with you. We have a wedding here that same day of a daughter of friends of ours. Plus we made our usual once-a-year trip to snow country three weeks ago, timing it with my 45th reunion at Dartmouth. We did get to Caz on our way and stayed with Bill and Anne McDowell on Burton St.

Brieflly, I retired from the Oswego City School District in 1998 and we made our long-planned move to the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. All four of our daughters and their families (five grandchildren) are now living in NC.

We have occasional contact with Jim and Laurie Woodworth. As a coincidence, they live in my hometown (Canandaigua) around the corner from the house where my family lived when I was in high school.

Your math teacher, Parke Wright, lives about five miles from us. He and his wife are doing relatively well. Parke was in a car accident (not his fault) about two years ago but recovered quite well from that.

It's great that your class is having a reunion-----I hope you have a good turnout and a wonderful time. Please let everyone know that I have nothing but good memories of each member of the class. (The passage of time does remarkable things).

                                                                      Dave Farnsworth

July 6, 2005
Please add our address to your list.  We're sorry that we won't be able to make it.  We've been invited to two weddings and of course can only make one.  Sorry.  Our home address is 110 Southwick Ct., Fletcher, NC 28732 and our phone #828-654-0218.  I give you this info just in case any of you are traveling down this way and would like to stop by and say hello. We're always happy to show off our beautiful mountain lifestyle.  Mary (Farnsworth)

July 1, 2005 
Thank you very much for your mail and it was so nice to hear from you. I visited the class list and found all the familira names,
Please put my contact numbers and address to the list.
tel:home: 81(Japan's country code)-44-433-3343
    mobile: 81-80-5543-7771
        In Japan you do not need the country code but you have to put 0 at the beginning,(044 or 080).
    home address; Ichinotsubo 298-2-704, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Japan 211-0016
I would like to send more message before the reunion. Now I have a contact list of many friends.
Best regards,
  < style="color: rgb(0, 0, 153);">Ken Monji

July 1, 2005
Hi Doug and Classmates,

Alas, I won't be able to make the dinner due to a bit of a conflict
with my parents-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary, and all the associated
preparations that will be taking place that very weekend. Otherwise I'd be
there with ya'll. Have a great time at the dinner and don't slander me too
much since I won't be there to defend myself!

By the way, in the "for what it's worth" department,. I've got some
new life purposes that you may or may not be interested in. If you want to
contact me about one or more of them, I'd love to hear from you. Here they
are: assisting my wife in educating our 4 kids at home, helping out at
Eastern Hills Bible Church, directing the homeless men's shelter for the
Syracuse Rescue Mission, and training for a cycling race (no, not the Tour
de France!).

Steve (Tennant)

June 28, 2005

Hi Doug, hope all is well. I will not be attending the reunion. FYI- Lynn and I are continuing to love our Lives in Seattle. Travis, our youngest will graduate from college next year. Hillary, our daughter was married a couple of years ago. Her husband just graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary. Phil is living out his lifelong interest in television/cinema. Today he hires and manages the script writing personnel for a variety of prime time drama showsie West Wing, ER etc.
Lynn and I are happy, but busy empty nesters. I work with several early stage technology businesses, overseeing finance and business planning activities. Lynn is a Montessori school teacher, teaching to 3-5 year olds.
Will there be a lot of the teachers attending? My vote for best prank is still the takeover of the PA system senior year.
Best of wishes to all!
Best regards,
Phil Ross

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