Made In America

75 Years of Quality Service

Since 1928 Lakeside has been dedicated to providing processes and equipment to help design and construct reliable, efficient, cost-effective solutions to large and small municipal and industrial wastewater problems.  Located in the suburbs of Chicago, Lakeside is an employee owned company.  When you talk to an application engineer at Lakeside, you are talking to an owner, not simply an employee.  The Lakeside engineer knows each and all of Lakeside's products.

Lakeside offers a wide range of equipment and systems for all stages of wastewater treatment from influent through discharge.  Products include:

CLR Process
E.A. Aerotor Plant
Magna Rotors
Rotor Covers
Spiraflo Clarifier
Spiravac Clarifier
Full Surface Skimmer
Raptor Fine Screen
Raptor Micro Strainer
Raptor Wedge Section Screen
Raptor Wash Press
Hy-Tec Screen  
Hydraulic Trash Rack Cleaners
Cable Trash Rack Cleaners
In-Line Grit Collector
Coanda Grit Treatment Systems
Complete Plant
Model L Grit Classifier
Screw Pumps
Open Screw Pumps
Enclosed Screw Pumps
Series Clarification
Trickling Filters

Lakeside Equipment Corporation
1022 E. Devon Avenue
P.O. Box 8448
Bartlett, IL 60103
Tel:  630/837-5640
Fax:  630/837-5647

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