Bird Balls by ECC

 Bird Balls are hollow plastic balls that form a floating cover for ponds, tanks, lagoons, and other basins.

Algae control cover
Chester County, PA
Screen to retain balls
when draining pond
Balls for heat retention
Monroe County, PA

Bird Ball Applications include:

1. Heat retention.  As the balls cover more than 90% of the surface area, they provide an insulation blanket on the tank.
2. Odor control.  Less exposed surface area results in less odor emission
3. Algae control.  The balls block the UV from penetrating the water.
4. Bird control.  The balls camouflage the water surface from waterfowl thus preventing unwanted birds from using or contaminating the water.
5. Evaporation control.  Covering the water surface minimizes evaporation and water loss.
6. Vapor containment.  Reduces chemical vapor emissions.

Bird Balls provide several advantages over other cover systems:

1.  Easy installation.  Installation is as simple as pouring the balls into the tank.  The balls naturally assume equal distribution.
2.  Rain water.  Unlike solid covers, the bird balls pass rain water directly into the tank.  There is no opportunity for ponding to occur
3.  Low maintenance.  There is little to no maintenance associated with the use of the bird balls.
4.  The balls automatically adjust to fluctuating liquid levels and they allow movement of equipment through the liquid.
5.  The balls are available in a variety of materials with high density polyethylene (HDPE) being most popular for outdoor applications.
6.  No netting required for bird control applications.

ECC has more than 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of hollow balls.
Thirty five million Bird Balls have been delivered as floating covers!

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